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business plan-SUP

1. Business Model/SUP

SUP is a tool that allows you to quickly assess whether you should invest in this niche. With the help of this technique, you can determine whether it is even worth investing in a particular business solution if it pays off and yields real profits.


2. ABCR (Pricing, Product Range)

Learn more about pricing and building a product line here. What does ABCR mean, what should an ideal product line contain to be on the right track FOREVER?


3. Vision

This is about the image of HOW cool and profitable your company should become in the future. We are guided by your principles, goals, and wishes and develop your company in the right direction.

marketing strategy

4. Gantt (Marketing Strategy)

A visualization that will help you determine the sequence of your specific tasks so that you don’t lose anything important. With Gantt, the business will move only in the right direction towards its goal.

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