Tips and Tricks for your 2022 Web Design in WordPress

How to create a perfect Web Design in WordPress and content for anything, including printed materials and Facebook Posts in 2022

A. Business Goals and Idea of your text Checklist

1. Every Text must have the main Goal. What is your Goal?

Example: leads for my “2023 Spiral Journal Notebook”

3. Idea of your text should be simple and logical. What is your Idea?

Example: People who are searching for a good little spiral notebook as a present, should visit – got inspired by our quality, designs, small video and pricing. Then, they buy one and I offer them two more for their choice with significant design. Main traffic source: Instagram Organic, Google Ads. Content Type: Landing Page

Olivias Planner as a sample product notebook for cityprofit pro
Cosmetology is perfect for web design in WordPress - funnels and ecommerce - one love

B. Simple Content Plan Creation Process

1. Revise your product line.

Make it simple. Imagine that people from streets ask you to tell them what you do for a living. Even if you have 100500 products in your pricing try to make it as simple as 5 products only. What are your main 5 products? Simple!

Example: We have 1) Accounting audit, 2) Financial statement preparation, 3) Income tax preparation and compliance, 4) Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting statements, 5) Budgeting and forecasting

2. Find your business target keywords (SEO specialist will help).

Every product you have must have a target keywords (5-10 keywords for every product)

Example: We have “Accounting audit”. So, keywords: how to make accounting audit, accounting audit checklist, accounting audit standards, difference between auditing and accounting, audit and accounting services in Atlanta

3. Organize these keywords in one persist content plan

Make a Sheet with these columns: Keyword, Title, Description

C. SEO preparations Checklist

So, you ready to make a content masterpiece. You know WHY you need that content. You have Title, Description and main Keyword.

1. Type your keyword in Google

Google (Incognito Window). Open TOP-5 results (excluding big names like Amazon, Washington Post, etc.).

2. Make notes:

  • How many images they have?
  • How many Headings they have?
  • Do they have FAQ, how many questions there?
  • What can you do much better than they did? (maybe you can make text more natural and easier to read? Or make images not so cliché)
  • What words they use most and what kind of problems they talk about?

3. Create your headings, subheadings and simple description plan
4. Create your web-page wireframe (use pen and paper for that)
5. Start creating text (UNIQUE, NATURAL, WITH MAIN KEYWORD IN HEADINGS AND TEXT HERE AND THERE). Try to make 1500 words at least.

Plan your wireframes with cityprofit pro

D. Clickable Text and Design Checklist 1/4: Text

Make them back

You can make your visitors read, by simply mark few words. The trick is you should mark NOT first words of the sentence and intriguing. This is how you make them back to beginning of a paragraph.
Mark it bold when creating webdesign in wordpress like pro

Buttons and Links

The same with links. Buttons or intext links – they must be marked with color, or make it bold, or change font height significantly
Mark your links and buttons when designing in wordpress
Top 1 cliche and stupid design

E. Clickable Text and Design Checklist 2/4: Design

  • You use only 2 kind of Fonts (or ONE)
  • You don`t use bad quality images in your business
  • You don’t use photo + 3D designs collages…
  • You`re not using any kind of cliché images (like clipart folks with white teeth and thumbs up from 2000`s)

F. Clickable Text and Design Checklist 3/4: Design

You can make a Good Design, but there will be no sales. Why?

  • No communication
  • No offer
Basketball Courts for your next web design in wordpress

G. One small tweak - and your web design in WordPress start selling NOW

We`re just adding a value, a simple offer, a simple communication in.

Simple tweak for your web design can make the real deal difference

One more thing about your Web Design in WordPress - IMAGES ISSUE

  • Try to avoid images with text on it
  • Use free images only from trusted royalty free sources like Pixaby or Unsplash.
  • Make images by yourself with good camera (Canon 60D+, etc.) or good phone. High Quality is a priority
  • Use to make small-weight and high-quality images
  • Create Square (400*400 / 1080*1080) or Rectangle (1640*856 / 1920*1080) canvas. Think about your wireframe – is it going to be BIG or small image?
  • Paste your image in
  • Export as WEBP (70% quality)


Make sure you have less then 100 Kb image weight.

Photopea - as a perfect tool photoshop alternative for web design in wordpress

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