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Why do our WEBSITES sell better?

Because of our WEBSITES...

1. Sell from day one because they are made to bring sales, and they are developed by marketers who have a portfolio of results, not just Likes.

2. Bring instant visitors from Google because we develop websites according to the wants and needs of real people and optimize them instantly (yes, we understand SEO very well).

3. Are always better than the competitors because they were created based on an analysis of competing websites.

4. Convert even cold visitors  (e.g. from advertising) to the “I want to buy” phase because we use web sales funnel technologies.

5. Are filled with both your offers and interesting articles that potential customers are looking for.

is ideal for you if:

1. You sell expensive services for companies

We have been down this road ourselves and know how to get free customers every month with the help of SEO and interesting content, and when to accelerate marketing with the help of advertising.

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2. You sell services to customers or offer courses or similar for teaching

We know how to change the status of the customer from “theoretically willing to pay monthly” to “I recommend this service to everyone”. Using email marketing, content marketing on social networks, and the website.

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3. You have a niche product that not many people know about

We create a viral effect with cool texts, media files about the product, and the lifestyle the customer gets thanks to its features. We also understand strategic content marketing.

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4. You produce an expensive customer-made product

Whether you design custom clothing or accessories, build houses, or design custom furniture, we know how internet marketing works and have at least 10 tools to make sure you always have customers.

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Why do customers choose Test Drive from CITY PROFIT?

We have done more than 150 projects where we are paid not only for the idea but also for the profitability of the project and the turnover.

1. Quick understanding of competence
We not only make ONE page per week, but also give a vision of the development that we can even adopt ourselves.

2. White technologies in development
No gray tricks, creepy plugins or handwritten code that then leads to Google shadow blocking. We develop the site so that it does not need any post-processing.

3. Creative solutions in advertising
We immediately develop basic marketing tactics, so that you can be sure that you will have more customers than your competitors.

4. Because it is CITY PROFIT
So these are the specialists who know how to build sales and marketing departments and develop and implement projects, not only in Ukraine.

An interview—that's all we need from you. And you will receive a page of your future website + the basic strategy of CITY PROFIT.

We will do what we would do if we were in your shoes. Based on experience in marketing and sales.

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