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EXAMPLE-1 of Business Model/SUP

business plan-SUP

EXAMPLE-2 of ABCR (Pricing, Range)


EXAMPLE-3 of Vision


EXAMPLE-4 of Gantt (Marketing Strategy)

marketing strategy

*Plus+calculators for each model

And… Of course, you can write down these notes from the presentation in a separate file. And recreate calculation examples according to the scheme.


Here is the ORIGINAL presentation to help you UNDERSTAND the first company formation in SIMPLE WORDS, QUICKLY and QUALITATIVELY without additional costs for consulting MARKETERS

*BONUS: The templates and calculators in these models ARE ALSO are now available at YOU. We provide them in an EXCEL file so you can immediately write calculations WITHOUT formulas, but save JUST by inserting your numbers. Here you can see how to use them FOREVER.

tips about niche - fun
Finance in startup, which is getting WRONG
Mistakes of entrepreneurs in finance

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