How to increase the efficiency of CPG marketing by 20% in the shortest possible time

Key CPG marketing solutions for business growth, from experts: tips about scaling, optimization and testing

For a perfect marketing strategy, you should use both broad coverage and have individual sights. It is necessary to optimize different segments, demographics – to personalize marketing. And perform detailed, focused and scalable work so that “the right message arrives to the right customer, at the right time and in the right place”.

Micro-audiences VS Micro-possibilities
in CPG Marketing

Micro-audiences VS Micro-possibilities
Reaching a larger segment of customers will help focus on more consumers who can be reached during their lifetime.
Such coverage can guarantee the opening of unknown doors in large audiences that may seem explored.
We can focus not only on a mother with two children, but also on a mother who has teenage children or who uses food delivery services.

The mechanism of consumer intelligence AI

To work with scaling the customer base, it is necessary to create an analytical mechanism that helps to always understand consumers from a 360-degree view.
You need to invest in data that the consumer directly shares with the company from the first purchase. And in order to gain trust and a sense of security, you need to provide something valuable to the client in exchange for this information.
The first and most important step will be to find and continue to use all available sources of customer data available in the marketing organization, because this information provides incredibly great opportunities.
The mechanism of consumer intelligence

Consumer-centric and tech-enabled

Consumer-centric and tech-enabled
Companies need to create their own platform that contains consumer data, which will also send certain messages, which are supported by intelligence statistics.
In order not to approach the closure of technological needs in parts, CPG companies must conduct a holistic assessment of their needs based on a strategic, consumer-oriented choice of the most valuable and important uses.

Aligning the organization for sustainable impact

On the basis of the received data on consumers it is allowed to check consumer ideas and initiatives by flexible methods, and to react to already received knowledge.
For some tests, this affects about 10-15 percent of total marketing costs.
The next horizon is how to provide a solid foundation for cross-functional collaboration that will allow companies to scale such an impact.
Aligning the organization for sustainable impact

Three priority actions by CPG Marketing Consultants can help build the right capabilities and embed new ways of working into a company’s DNA

Scheme for measuring and scaling successful tests

If you see in your small pilot experiments that this model works well, create a measurement system, scaling criteria, and a process to manage it from the beginning. Ask yourself what result you have, what it has led to, why you have learned, how you can scale to different audiences, brands or social groups.
You should also identify key performance indicators for CPG Marketing and determine what makes this test a success. Some companies are setting up a forum to bring together stakeholders and agree on results that will be scaled up and funded.

Make test-learn-scale the new business-as-usual

Learning results from Agile tests (software testing) should be configured to support business goals. For example, you can implement in the module brand managers who will monitor such results and help accelerate the achievement of business goals. 

Such managers persuade to introduce new knowledge gained about consumers. By implementing such managers, the company will be able to conduct more CPG Marketing tests that the brand’s teams wanted to scale.

Embrace new ways of working

If you want to be a winning CPG entrepreneur, you need to support talents with digital skills and create a data-driven culture. It is important to fully invest and use new ways of working.

“One of the most important questions leaders need to ask themselves in the new world of data-driven marketing is who do you spend time with?” says one of the former technical directors of consumer marketing. 

“If the answer is mostly your brand and creative function, you won’t have in-depth knowledge of what your data analytics teams need, how to help solve the problems they face, and how data and creativity need to come together to have the most impact. »

Make a chart of your organization in a year and work backwards – and get your direct contractors to do the same. ” Early thinking and planning of the necessary roles, the desired type of leadership and the structure to implement all this allows companies to “learn faster than competitors”.

The winners will be those who deliberately change their entire marketing organization and successfully deploy all the innovations of the modern market.

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FAQ: CPG Marketing

Everything that customers use on a daily basis that needs to be replenished on a regular basis is included in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector. Cosmetics, food, apparel, and household products are just a few examples.

Using data to alter your strategy for new behaviors will be critical, whether it’s a new focus on wellness or intensive product research.

When it comes to generating revenue, retail media networks and streaming TV will take the cake.

Do your CPG Marketing Mix: SEO, Paid Media, Social Media, In-store promotions, Co-marketing, Influencer Marketing, Community-Building etc.