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Two BIG questions

Small business owners are always on a hunt for ideas and instruments to grow their business.

When it comes to digital marketing it is always about:

  1. Is it worth it to develop a website or Facebook page and ads?
  2. How can I increase the number of potential customers/ leads for my business when I dont have borrowed millions of cash?

And YES! We have created CITY PROFIT so you can find the answers.

* This is us

Search engines consultants CITY PROFIT team on vacation

1. Do you really need a digital marketing strategy?

Yep, I know that for a fact.
Even if your potential customers are 20 people around the block where you deliver your product (e.g., the local bread or milk shop).

Because if you had Instagram and Facebook (with your brand name and logo, of course), you could ship your product to the whole town, or you could find a potential investor for your next chain of stores.

Ok, another example: you are a big manufacturer that supplies machines with big wheels to agricultural monopolies.

Then you need a website for each person from the companies that have potential customers and oversee the research.

So they can find your product, read about it, and take the first step like filling out a form or hitting a “call me back” button.

We had a customer with a check for $500,000 average revenue (the second in our business history with a check that high). With 1 customer per year record. 10 years of business development by him and his team. His business is about infrastructure planning (how to build a small business-focused city in the desert) and construction.

  • He buys our service called StartUp Modeling Service. This service means that we have to deliver a strategy with marketing plan, sales funnel strategy and financial business model in a way that WE would do if this exact business was ours. So, OUR business development strategy about his business as if it were ours.
  • You should see his face when we showed him what we had developed. When we were on a slide with the social media strategy, he was so angry and confused… he said 

 “Don`t you understand what kind of clients I have? They don`t use social media at all !!!

  • We said: calm down big boy, let us finish (no we do not 🙂 ). And we asked him—how do you buy new $800,000 hardware for your construction business? And he immediately answered: “Transfer it to my team of six men”.

That’s right! And these men use Google, Bing, Clutch, and Yahoo. And if they do it on a monthly basis, they are subscribers to the manufacturer’s Facebook / Instagram and other sites. And if his suppliers have a complex marketing strategy (content + social + web-funnel + SEO+ Ads), then your six men already know where to buy the stuff you need.

So remember: it does not matter what type or size of business you have – you’d better take the time to develop your own digital marketing strategy. Faster leads onboarding through ads—more money here and now. More creative, complex, and logical long-term strategy—much cheaper leads (or even free) for years to come. Cheaper and more leads—more time and money for your next steps and business ideas. It’s as simple as that.

That City Profit client I mentioned… He bought our marketing services. And within three months of complex strategy, he got an additional, NEW, two very large clients with $2.3 million in deals. Our services cost him about 25,000 (including budget).

2. How can I get More, qualified and Cheaper Leads?

We provide a lot of ideas. You will probably find that if you see our cases.

Our main strengths: Logic and Experience.

Our logic says:

If you have a product, you need to think about a long-term and short-term Internet marketing/sales strategy.

Short-term strategy means:

  1. Develop a tool to convert visitors into leads. We use web funnels for this.
  2. Bring in some customers, with ads or personal networking/social media posts.
  3. Have them filter through your web funnel. Get only hot leads!
  4. Upsell them ASAP and invest money in a long-term strategy.

Long-term strategy means:

  1. Develop a complex strategy (content, web funnels, SEO, social media, ads, partnerships, etc.).
  2. Use the money you made from previous (short-term) results to find a team and develop a strategy for your markets
  3. Start making money to find more niches and/or develop new business ideas.

Experience says: 

The trick is that you will get a lot of leads with short and long-term strategies. Using a complex strategy will save you spending money on paid marketing altogether. Someday, maybe in a year or 90 days.

And then—your Customers and your Products, your Logo and Yourself—THESE ARE YOUR MARKETING.

How can I find a good complex digital marketing partner
(or at least search engine consultants)?
3 main rules.

This is OUR OWN recipe:

Save time for the people you love
Vlad and Mary (owner and his daughter), CITY PROFIT

1) 10% RULE

If $1 in a Marketing partner (including budgets) can get me $1 and 10 cents more (on the agreed terms and deadlines) – then I’ll stick to him if I find another.

2) Split Test

If I already have a good partner and need to try another, I do a split test (and do not dismiss anyone until I have results)

3) Let it work

If my WHOLE marketing system NEW and BETTER gets results with my partners (even if his job is just writing copy or SEO or creating images for Instagram) – I won’t fire anyone. I LET THE SYSTEM work if the numbers keep growing.

[Story] A King and a Gardener

Once upon a time, there was a king. And he had a large, beautiful apple orchard.

And one day the king said, I must find the best apple grower in the world.

After a year or so, the guards deliver the best gardener to the king.

The king asked him, “So, tell me your secret before I hire you. How is it that your apples are so delicious and you are so famous for your apples? You charge ridiculously high prices for your apples, and no one knows how you grow these fruits?”

Said the gardener, “I’d better not tell you, sir, or you’ll fire me on the spot”.

The king laughed and said, “Ok, I will not fire you, you have my promise. Besides, I promise you that you will make 10 times more money with me than with the apples you have now.” And immediately signed a contract.

And then the gardener says, “Okay, my secret is this. I bought a house and a garden 30 years ago and there was this one apple tree. These fruits were sooo perfect and beautiful and delicious that I started selling them at high prices. After a few weeks, I realized that it did not matter what the price was – I sold out every time. So I kept raising the prices.

Said the king, “All right. I see. Very interesting. But how to garden them so that they bear such delicious and perfectly formed fruit all year round?

And the gardener said, “I do not do anything, because I am afraid of messing everything up. If I do well, I am happy with it”.

in 2022 the Q is how to find your niche

So if you’re satisfied with the results – leave everything.
And if you see an opportunity on a table – at least think about it.

The most effective Search Engines Consultants you can find in one Free Consultation

Let us find creative ways for you to find your own place in the Market. We provide a friendly Audit of your website, its SEO capabilities, Texts and Design.

10+ years with perfect record

Delivering Digital Strategy for your Business

Story about Plumber (or IT Service Provider) or Your Exact Business

When it comes to advertising costs, having someone with a digital marketing agency is always very handy. Entrepreneurs are looking for cheap but effective solutions and trust us – we understand.

If you’re a local business, you need food transportation. If you’re nationwide, you need an online presence to rock your markets. Both variants – you need digitization!

Digital marketing is about search engine optimization, social media, and link building. A Complex digital strategy must encompass all of these.

And if you use only one tool, it’s always “something is missing” or “how can I better secure myself if my only channel is broken” (yes, like Facebook bans or useless spam-like leads for 5,000 euros per month).

Let us break it down for you a little bit.

Started like this city profit
We Started like this in 2009

1. Search engine consulting & implementation for SMB

Imagine a pitch deck for a business case. All these case studies are always about the main tool that saved the planet (someone’s business). But let us get this straight. We have been in our clients’ TOP -partner portfolios for more than 10 years.

And we know full well that you need to use every channel where your customers are on to find your “one and only” instrument. Even more: at least two instruments must be in use to secure your marketing.

SEO consulting is your first stop. And therefore: YOU must know exactly what your clients looking for on the internet. Exact keyword (long tail – means a big keyword with 4+ words; short keywords – 1-3 words). This is the only way to build a web presence that always has leads.

IMPORTANT: Talk to a team that has time to implement everything they say in your project.

2. Keyword Research & Planning

Hunting for new keywords by seo team
Hunting for new keywords by entrepreneurs 2019

For example, you are a plumber. Then after 5 days of intensive research, we found the golden keyword for you (a long, exact keyword). And it goes like this: “Local plumber in Tampa Florida”. It has a search volume of 500 (number of people searching for plumbers with this keyword on Google or Bing).

So (with our help) you have made this keyword the main keyword for your website. The title is “The best local plumber in Tampa, Florida since 2022”, and the description is “As my Tampa customers say, and I agree”.

Now our first content with this long tail keyword has been published on social media.

In addition, you have run a PPC ad (paid search campaign in Google). So your digital marketing campaign is now running across 3 channels. SEO optimized website (on-page SEO and off-page link building by us), Google AdWords for direct advertising (we manage that for you too) and you post it on your social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

3. First in Google Search, Ads, Places and on top with Social Media Content

Our beautiful Mary is on a phone with partners
Our beautiful Mary is on a phone with partners (2019)

In Google search, your ads will show up immediately – you’re already getting leads (if you ordered them from a good digital marketing agency like ours). You already have a lead in one city, and other local business owners in your niche are starting to worry.

After a few months of SEO-optimised content marketing for your blog and social media posts, you’ll be getting leads without ads. And lots of them! And then, of course, you’ll save on ad campaign costs. Because Google search itself provides you with leads. And the flow of visitors to your small office increases.

Other local plumbing companies already hate you OR start a conversation about partnering with you (THE CUTEST – remember?)

4. Oh, about "GOLDEN KEYWORD": Competitor SEO Analysis

As you remember, we used the “Golden Keyword” (like a magic master keyword) when we talked about keyword research. So the main goal is to find at least 50 golden keywords.

Golden – it means that almost none of your competitors use this long-tail keyword, but it still has a huge search volume (many searches per month). Every modern entrepreneur knows that when an opportunity comes your way, you should take advantage of it. If that opportunity is full of customers who are already starving – GO FOR IT, and fight for them. The same goes for golden keywords.

City Profit Back Office 2018
City Profit Back Office 2018

Delivering Digital Strategy for your Business: Software, Services or Products

Every business is unique, so every SEO strategy is different. But there’s something that all strategies we deliver to our clients have in common: Complexity.

We use every specialist we’ve on our team (search engine marketing consultants, link-building specialists, SMM professionals, and advanced click-oriented designers and copywriters).

So, our consulting services is always a top-notch. We don’t just pursue goals like increasing search engine visibility.

We try to overwhelm your competitors – local businesses and … yes, we try to be the best in the business of search engine marketing consultants. And we deliver results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

* Pro-level remote support and managed web-services

Example: sometimes (to be exact, it’s 50/50) you need to delete your old website. This is the case when your website is outdated, full of viruses, or very difficult to market due to its engine. This is where website search engine optimization comes into play.

It takes a day or three to see that. There are a lot of tools for that. We use almost five of them. And the first one is Google Search Console (the best tool for SEO managers to see how your website is doing from Google itself).

Why do we tell you this? Because Search engine consultants are only allowed to work on your online presence with clear, modern tools. And that’s what we do.

  • Our Search Engines Consultants will help you to find your next keywords
  • Paid search specialists take care of Titles and descriptions for better click-through rates
  • And our professional writers can send you a list of very cool titles to write about (just pick one, give us an interview, and we’ll provide you with a whole post for your website, including SEO optimization)
  • Managed web-services by CITY PROFIT are always almost 24/7. And that is always needed when your marketing campaign is ON. For example, PPC advertising always shows you the best titles – so you can change them immediately or even rewrite the content of your pages.

[Story] Real-World businesses Tested Search Engine Optimization

Business Development Team of City Profit

Like almost all NONE companies, we started with our own companies. We have some local companies in Europe (originally we are a small company of SMEs). And the task was to promote our companies there.

We started marketing in very competitive markets. And you know what? Every marketing consultancy, every advertising and analytics consultant, even PPC advertising companies did not give us good results.
None of them did. So we decided we needed to learn about Search Console and link building, etc. ourselves. And we did. A few years later…

Just through on-page SEO, we discovered more than 10 hot leads per week for our $2,000 products (Business Planning and Business Development Services).

Then, in a few months we got another 5-10 customers per week for another business (water purifier for local customers) with $100-1,000 product.

Then we found our first client for SEO services in Europe. It was a small MTG club (Magic the Gathering). A new website (new domain), e-commerce (created by us), and GOLDEN keywords SEO brought them 15 new hot leads per week. And YES is more than enough for its foot traffic (business model is based on recurring payments).

So yeah. We are search engine marketing consultants now. But SEO consulting (someone calls us Search Engines Consultants) is not all we have. We are not just a group of specialists. We are a team of business development professionals, and we know what it’s like to be a business person in the real world.

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