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about niche marketing with examples

Niche marketing with examples – not to be another, but to be undoubtedly the best offer.

niche marketing with examples

A niche is the sale of goods or services for a specialized segment of the market. 

So what does a specialized segment mean?

Let’s consider the following niche marketing with example. For instance, you bake sweets for a sale. 

Let’s dive further into the specialization: you bake cakes and cupcakes, and this already distinguishes a specialized segment of people who will buy the product from you. 

Let’s move on – sweets are low in calories, so they can be suitable for those who follow the figure – and we have already clarified our specialization. 

And so on and so forth, what makes your product special, and what will appeal to your customer, who will feel that his wishes are heard, and will want to come back to you again and again. 

So, the more specific you get with who you are targeting, the more of a niche that you actually have. 

How does choosing your own niche help you find customers?

Before reading the reason for choosing your special niche, and then about niche marketing with examples, you should realize that it is impossible to be the best in everything.

Even based on our niche marketing with examples sweets: yes, you can make cakes, cupcakes, candies, but how much attention will you pay to improving the product of each product?

That’s right, you will dissolve in this, and your skill will be somewhere in the 2 points for each of the dishes. And you can be the coolest confectioner who bakes cakes and cupcakes, learn something new, pay a lot of attention, try something new, and make at least 5 points each.

Therefore, we offer to become the best not in everything, but in our own.

niche marketing with examples

Advantages of a specialized niche marketing with examples

niche marketing to be unique

Less competition. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion to outperform competitors in the market who sell the same cakes and cupcakes. You are already starting to sell something special, and there are no equals.

One supplier. If you cooked all the sweets in a row, you would need different molds, different recipe books, special products for what kind of dessert and so on, and when you already have a prepared list for which you buy products and equipment for cakes and cupcakes (which is almost the same as small cakes), you find it easier to find a supplier, and you will have one or two with whom it is easier, cheaper and to maintain a business relationship.

People will pay more. If a woman or a man who has given up sweets for his health finds out that there are you who prepare desserts without sugar – they will be ready not only to try everything and buy more, but also with special attention and love treat you and your products. It is also a good sundress radio, because you will be recommended to all acquaintances with similar desires.

Niche marketing with examples

If you have not yet decided on your specialization, these niche marketing with examples are for you below

1. Brand Conscious customer

Eco-friendly has become not only an important topic in recent years, but also a trend among many conscious consumers. It is only necessary to choose a mass product for the niche of conscious consumers, and these people will gladly accept your ecological alternative. 

Talk about production, emphasize care for the environment, inspire by example, and conscious consumers will be much more enjoyable to shop.

niche - Brand Conscious customer
niche - Brand Conscious customer

2. Marketing for pet industry niche

Even more people are taking care of smaller best friends, and thus, consumer spending on pet care increases. 

Given the high demand for this topic, choose your specialty and put the best in it: animal accessories, specialization in animal breeds, merch with photos of pets and much more. 

niche - Marketing for pet industry niche
niche - Marketing for pet industry niche

3. Monetization niche gaming

In terms of numbers, there are more than 2.3 billion active players worldwide, including a variety of gamers, such as mobile gamers, PC gamers, desktop gamers, and so on. People spend money on their hobbies because that’s what makes them happy. 

And you can also take this into account and focus your business on the gaming industry, specializing in a particular genre of game, user characteristics, console. You should also follow current trends, such as the use of 5G, AR, VR, cloud games and mobile games.

niche - Monetization niche gaming
niche - Monetization niche gaming

4. Home-based business

The last two years the importance of being the owner, and living in your cozy home, has grown many times over due to the pandemic. People began to spend more resources on home improvement projects, improving the technological component.

Based on the latest trend offerings, offer either environmentally friendly technologies, or the installation of solar panels, or the installation of a mobile home, and you will find your buyers.

niche - Home-based business
niche - Home-based business

5. Remote-Working Niche

Niche business of work away from home thrives at times, because the number of people who want to work not in the office, but in a more comfortable environment for themselves more and more.

So, help them create the perfect workplace at home or create an application with online places where it is now possible to work.

niche - Remote-Working Niche
niche - Remote-Working Niche

6. Education Technology trend

Digital content for students and schoolchildren has become the best alternative for learning, because it is: fast, accessible and cheaper.

Look for a niche technology that no one has even looked at before, such as a motion-based learning app for children with disabilities, or a platform for choosing courses based on artificial intelligence. 

niche - Education Technology trend
niche - Education Technology trend

7. Personal Development Niches

The topic of the importance of mental health, solving their personal problems has become widespread, because many people have begun to use such therapy to solve personal problems and continue a happy life.

You can choose whether you want to help students cope with stress during exams, whether you want to organize a self-help blog for women, or whether you want to offer personal growth business coaching for seniors.

Personal Development Niches
Personal Development Niches

8. Simple living high thinking niche

To live without difficulties and to live in personal pleasure, catching every beautiful moment – isn’t that exactly what you need?

You should think about creating products or services with functional and simple functions. For example, minimalist shoes use a low heel-to-toe drop to eliminate intrusion with the natural foot movement.

If you’re looking to start a blog, the simple living and minimalistic blog niche is also on the rise. For example, The Minimalists blog has more than 20 million readers.

Simple living high thinking niche
Simple living high thinking niche

9. Target LGBTQ niche

Tolerance, which is born in modern society, gives people the opportunity to declare their gender identity, which increases the recognition of the LGBTQ community.

Challenge the stereotypical norms of the industry, how women and men should dress, create a special space that will attract the attention of members of the LGBTQ community.

Target LGBTQ niche
Target LGBTQ niche

That help you determine, if this is your niche?

  1. Fun (on a scale of 1 to 5 points, admit whether you are excited about this product or service or not)
  2. Margin (determine your net income)
  3. Market ready (google whether the market is ready, whether they are looking for it at all, and whether it is necessary)
  4. Time to start (determine when it is best to open and how much time is left)
  5. Time to the first Transaction (determine the time before the first sale)
  6. Heavy Time (write a list of complex issues and processes, and understand whether you are ready to deal with it or not)
  7. Filter (filter three niches – cakes and cupcakes for vegans, cakes and cupcakes for athletes, cakes and cupcakes for people with luxury)
  8. Get advice from City Profit specialists on seeing your niche, choose your niche and promote your business further!

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Increase productivity, become an industry headman, greater targeting,  loyal customer base, get more visibility.

Of course. Because you can do with your business whatever you want. But if you really want to see progress, build your customer community and be one of the best – find your niche.

Fun. Margin. Market Ready. Time to start. Tine to the First Transaction. Heavy time. Filter. Значок "Перевірено спільнотою"

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A business niche is a specialized or targeted segment of a larger market that companies can exploit to set themselves apart from the competitors. Entrepreneurs should look for a niche in their business with unmet or underserved demands.