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Digital Marketing and Sales Outsourcing.

We did 200+ projects in 10 years. And we have portfolio of results thanks to our incredible team of Business Developers, Analytics, Designers, Copywriters, Content Marketing, Paid Ads and SEO specialists.
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Digital Marketing and Sales Outsourcing
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14 years in small and medium business development. Marketing and Sales. 200+ projects done.

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We realy proud of everyone we work with. Europe, Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom, Canada. 200+ digital sales and marketing outsourcing projects done. Join!
Ordered: construction of a turnkey online marketing funnel, construction of a turnkey sales department, construction of a development department. We can recommend them as experienced integrators, practitioners, professionals in terms of increasing brand value and customer net profit.


The financial indicators of sales were exceeded three times, the dependent product was sold out, the margin was not lost even by 1%


AYRA, Ukraine
We were provided a high quality fast and efficient service. The analysis of our business processes helped us to create the accurate KPI methodology for our stuff and reduce the unnecessary steps in several procedures.

As the result of our collaboration we were able to increase our revenue and significantly cut our losses.

I believe that City Profit and Volodymyr Pimienov can make a difference with your company too.

Daria Link

Findley Roofing, Great Britain
You know you will get results. If you start work, it means that the project will be interesting and events will develop quickly. We work with Volodymyr Pimenov and “City Profit” in difficult projects. The quality of cooperation is wonderful! Fast, to the point. As if he knows what and when should happen.



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Medica Tec
Cooperation with “City Profit” company is very dynamic and at the same time effective. In a short period of time, this year we implemented several important tasks, including the strategy of bringing the new Medica Tec brand of medical equipment to the market, financial modeling of sales and profit for the B2b and B2c directions of the company.

Positioning and branding of individual areas in cosmetology and retail trade of specialized drugs.
We advise Volodymyr Pimenov, in particular, and the company “City Profit” as a systematic and reliable partner in matters of business commercialization and the development of development strategies and tactics. We are pleasantly surprised by his ability not only to understand, but even to feel the business, which, accordingly, leads to the generation of a unified model specifically for a specific project, we separately note the non-standard creativity of the solutions of the “Cimi Profit” team


maylovskiy denis tm suzie
In the course of the work, a set of measures for the formation of a modern brand, justification of prices, and a financial model were proposed. Cooperation continues even now. City Profit is now our strategic partner. We recommend it as a reliable and stable business partner


Suzie TM
Cheberyako Ольга
“City Profit” developed several projects for us. Bringing a new brand to the market, development of restructuring of the sales system, formalization of business processes, development and implementation of an information system.

We consider “City Profit” to be professionals in their field and advise cooperation in matters of commercial business development



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